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William and Elizabeth

We are a husband and wife team, William and Elizabeth. We recently got married in November of 2018 and immediately moved to Tulsa, OK! If that was not enough transitions, we decided to start our own business. It has been our dream for a few years to create a Photo Booth housed in a vintage VW bus. What better time to turn a dream into reality than 3 months into marriage?? We decided to dive right in and see where this journey takes us!

Interested in hearing more of our story? We hopped on a podcast with Tulsa Stories to tell you more! Listen Below.


Solomon and Samson

Also vitally important in this operation are the office assistants, though they are not very helpful.

Meet Solomon our German Shepherd and Samson our Chiweenie. They enjoy long rides in Betty Blue and chilling out in our office.

Want to see more of them on Instagram? Check out their profile below.



Betty Blue

Betty Blue is a 1968 Volkswagen Bus. She previously lived in Southern California and made her way down to Arizona. We found her in Gilbert, Arizona and hauled her up here to Tulsa. She has a rebuilt engine and has been completely restored.